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For over two decades Kristin has researched and written technology articles for individuals and small businesses. Here are just a few examples of how she takes complex subjects and makes them easy to understand.

What is IoT and how can it make your life better? What are the risks?

Kristin examines popular IoT products and the pros and cons of using them. IoT can save time and make life easier, but it can also open you up to security risks unless you take certain precautions. This article helps you protect yourself.

The Blockchain Will Likely Change Your Life. Is That Good or Bad?

The blockchain is confusing, but Kristin explains how it works in layman’s terms and provides insight into how it will eventually change banking, real estate, contracts, and data security.

“Should I Boost My Facebook Post?” Find Out in Four Minutes or Less

Facebook is always trying to get us to boost our business posts. Is it worth the money? Kristin gives you answers in 4 minutes or less.

Are You Tired of Spam From Your Contact Form? Recaptcha Can Fix It

Stop spam through your website’s contact form and get rid of those annoying verifications that ask you to type a weird-looking word. Recaptcha has grown up and now uses AI to prevent bots from sending you spam.

Have you weighed your website lately?

Does your site turn off visitors by loading slowly? Google’s PageSpeed tool will tell you for sure and give you action items for improving page load speed.

What’s Your Privacy Policy?

Did you know your business website may be required by law to have a privacy policy that users can review? Kristin explains how you can avoid potential fines by putting an effective privacy policy on your site.

3 Ways to Use Customer Wi-Fi to Grow Your Business

If your business offers Wi-Fi to customers, you can use it to build loyalty and boost sales. Kristin also explains how you can protect your business from people who try to abuse your Wi-Fi.

What The Heck is Phishing?

Phishing is a huge risk to individuals and businesses. This article can save you countless hours of headaches and financial losses from security breaches caused by phishing scams.

“My site was hacked! Why?!”

If your relatively low traffic website was hacked, you may wonder why you were targeted. It’s not about you – it’s about the people who visit your site. Security loopholes in your website can make your site’s visitors vulnerable to hackers. Kristin explains how to protect your site from hacking.

What’s Blogging Got To Do With It?

Blogs were created for hobbyists, but now they’re used by multinational corporations to build customer loyalty and increase SEO. It’s an easy way to establish your authority and promote your brand.

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