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Business professionals and entrepreneurs from the 916 (that’s Sacramento, California, for those of you listening elsewhere) tell their stories and share their secrets to success. It’s all about being real and making your goals happen.
Kristin Berkery, creator and host of Biz in the 916, has worked in marketing, advertising, and technology for 25 years. She started her career in magazine publishing in Silicon Valley when the industry was shrinking with the advent of the Internet. Kristin saw the writing on the wall and pivoted to the world of technology, where she learned how to build websites in the early days of the Internet. She’s seen the web evolve from a time when it wasn’t hard to earn organic traffic… to today’s competitive world of digital advertising.

Now a digital marketer, podcaster, writer, and public speaker, Kristin created Biz in the 916 to give Sacramento area entrepreneurs and professionals the opportunity to tell their real-world stories and help others become successful.

Meet the Guests

Doug Thomas

Doug Thomas

Realtor & Radio Personality

A Realtor with a radio habit

Doug Thomas of 96.9 The Eagle and Kristin Berkery spent a Saturday morning at Entercom talking about the radio business, dogs, drumming, and real estate, with a few famous names thrown in for fun. Doug also shares stories about his favorite local charities, like Me One, Placer SPCA, and more.

Rose Connolly

Rose Connolly

Always Available Pet Sitting

Providing peace of mind to pet owners as a business

Rose Connolly is a professional petsitter who shares her path from the radio business to law enforcement to caring for others’ animals. She offers tips for people who want to start a petsitting business (hint: online reviews are really important) and she gives advice to pet owners who are looking for a trustworthy petsitter.

Preet Ahluwalia

Preet Ahluwalia

GNP Capital Partners

Generating wealth through smart commercial real estate investing

Right out of college, Preet Ahluwalia and her brother started a commercial real estate investment firm. She also shares how her father’s unique story has influenced her career success. Preet’s next goal is “impact investing” – investments that produce both a financial return and a net benefit to the community.

Renee Balcom

Renee Balcom

Renee & Company

Creating a “Silver Lining” for elder care and aging

Renee Balcom shares her journey from technology professional to senior care advocate. She also talks about why she left Silicon Valley to move to a small town in Southern Oregon and her recovery from a major business loss. Bonus: Renee explains how you can save up to 90% on funeral costs – but you have to plan now.

Dan Casas-Murray

Dan Casas-Murray

The Lean Innovator

Find the customer, then build them what they want

Dan Casas-Murray explains how The Lean Innovator helps entrepreneurs work smarter, not harder, and he shares the free resources available to all small business owners at the Small Business Development Center in Sacramento. Host Kristin Berkery asks about Dan’s unique path from the U.S. Army to gourmet cupcakes.

Rob Haney

Rob Haney

Sensor Transport

In the startup chase, you have to learn quickly

If you’ve ever wanted to launch a tech startup and get funding, this is the episode you should listen to. Rob Haney of Sensor Transport shares his experiences building a management team, perfecting his investor pitch, creating a company culture, and pivoting with the marketplace. The best part is that he wants to help other entrepreneurs along the way.

Angela Spease

Angela Spease

Spease Bees Honey Company

From information security to honeybees

Kristin Berkery asks Angela Spease of Spease Bees how she and her family turned gallons of local honey into a growing company with products in supermarkets and restaurants. Angela also talks about how giving her time to Rotary International and the community have helped her business.

Roberta Lopez-Hoskins

Roberta Lopez-Hoskins

Make Your Sales Connection

The art of asking the right questions

Roberta Lopez-Hoskins is a rock star at making sales connections over the phone. In this episode she shares 5 secrets for making the most of sales phone calls, including how not to sound like a telemarketer. Roberta also tells her family’s unique entrepreneurial story as grape pickers with Cesar Chavez and how she overcame burnout in her career.

Julia Tindall

Julia Tindall

Soul Diving Academy

Put your feet on the earth

Kristin asks Julia Tindall about jnana (pronounced “nya-nah”) yoga, which focuses on examining who we are on the inside, and how this form of self-inquiry can help us deal with a stressful world. Julia also leads tours to exotic and beautiful places like Bali and Vietnam, and holds weekend yoga and tantra retreats here in California. In this interview, Julia offers 3 easy, stress-relieving ideas for busy entrepreneurs.

Kim Brooks

Kim Brooks

Servpro Industries

Servpro: Faster to any size disaster

Kim Brooks, Senior Communications Editor of Servpro, talks about the company’s start in Sacramento, the challenges of balancing career and motherhood, and returning to Sacramento for Servpro’s 50th anniversary celebration.

Patty Mastracco

Patty Mastracco

Eat, sleep, breathe food

Food stylist and recipe creator Patty Mastracco talks about 35 years in the food business, fixing social media influencers’ recipes, traveling Europe for culinary inspiration, and more.

Jessy Solie-Ruggiero

Jessy Solie-Ruggiero

Jessy Hair Artist

Bridging the gap between beauty and business

Precision hairstylist Jessy Solie-Ruggiero shares her 18 years of experience on what makes a top-notch salon, what new hairstylists can do to jump-start their businesses, and using social media as a beauty marketing tool.

Kristin Berkery

Kristin Berkery

KB Marketing

Why are custom websites so flippin’ expensive?

Kristin Berkery of Biz in the 916 talks about why custom business websites got so expensive a couple of years ago. Hint: It has to do with website hacking.

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