But first… A sign with character(s)

Chinese warning sign One of the local signmakers that I design for had an interesting challenge for me recently. He needed a warning sign written in Chinese and he was hoping I could turn it around in a week. I immediately tapped into my resources, translated the sign from English to simplified Chinese, had it proofread by a native speaker, and I laid it out for printing… all in two hours.

Do you have a design challenge for me? Send me a message.

Yelp is in the news.

Judges gavel Earlier this week a panel of three California judges ordered Yelp to reveal the identity of a user who left a negative review for a tax preparer. The tax preparer argued successfully that the review was defamatory and contained false statements. Not surprisingly, Google and Facebook sided with Yelp that users’ identities should be protected under the First Amendment.

Stress gauge But this is even more thought-provoking: Yelp took a close look at searches on its site over the last 12 months and noticed some interesting trends. From Election Night 2016 up to the present, there’s been a surge in searches for “immigration lawyer” on Yelp, revealing a higher level of anxiety in segments of the population. In fact, searches for “psychologist” on Yelp has consistently grown in the last year. On the positive side, Yelp has discovered a boom in searches for blood donation facilities since two major hurricanes and mass shootings have occurred.

Yelp is just confirming what we already know – the world is more stressful for many of us, but at least we’re still thinking about others’ well-being.

Trying to make the most of Yelp for your small business?

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