You might think every business needs to have a logo designed – but not always.

A business owner told me she wanted new business cards, but when she asked a graphic designer about it, she was urged to have a logo designed before she got business cards. She asked me for my opinion.

I told her that I have a few clients that didn’t have a logo designed. Instead, they each picked a font they liked and we used that for their business names. It’s not uncommon to do that – think Google, Fed Ex and eBay. There’s a little styling to those famous logos, but overall they’re pretty simple… and effective.

Word logos: Google, Ebay, Fed Ex

My client felt that having a logo designed was unnecessary and I agreed. She picked a great, but effective, font for her business name and I put that on her new business cards.

In the end, she saved a few hundred dollars on logo design and she’s happy with the result.

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