Your website is heavy and slow. Well, that’s what Google might tell you.

Scale Enter your website URL into Google’s PageSpeed tool and you’ll get some interesting data about your site. Google will tell you what your front page “weighs” and about how long it takes to load.

Nobody likes a slow website. The next time you visit a site and the page stays blank for more than a couple of seconds, notice how you feel. Frustrated? Impatient? Flat out PO’d? I admit I won’t wait more than a few seconds for content to load. That translates to lost opportunities and income for the site owner.

StopwatchBut here’s the good news. When you run the PageSpeed tool on your website, Google will tell you how to speed your site up. Some of the tips are easy, like optimizing your images if you’re comfortable with image editing software. But some of them are more complicated, like defer-loading your Javascript and CSS. Or minifying your code. What the heck?

That’s where I come in.

I can identify the areas where your website is slowest and develop a plan that will have an impact on your site’s loading time. A client of mine felt confident about compressing his site’s images himself, but he knew he’d need my help with streamlining his website’s code. Another customer didn’t want to deal with any of it, so I worked on the areas that needed the most improvement. In the end, they both had faster-loading sites that were more likely to keep visitors happy.

Speed skaters

Is your website heavy and slow?

Let’s get it in shape for 2018. Send me a message.

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