‘Twas the Eve before Christmas and alone at his desk
Was a small business owner who felt some distress.

“The New Year is nigh and I haven’t a plan.
I must grow my venture or it will be in the can.

I need more buyers to come my way
But how do I do that? I fear I can’t say.

My website just sits there, gathering dust
I can’t let my business simply go bust!

My competition runs ads that make people look
Using this new-fangled thing they call Facebook.

I’ve got a great business, but I need some help
Taming that horrible beast they call ‘Yelp.'”

He shook his head slowly and gave up a sigh.
“Where are the answers to make my comp’ny fly?”

Then he remembered someone he’d met at a mixer
The other folks called her “the marketing fixer.”

He gave her a call and a strategy they planned
For growing his revenues and creating a brand.

And now he’s excited! ‘Cause ’18 is the year
To reach new heights in the business frontier.

So when you feel lost, sad, or resigned
You know you can call Kristin Berkery Design.

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