data breach image Since the Wannacry ransomware attacks last May, I’ve noticed a significant increase in cyber security issues in the news and with my customers. In fact, in 22 years on the web I’ve never seen so many attacks on such a consistent basis!

Friends are receiving phishing emails about Facebook, Google Docs, and their bank accounts. I watch one customer’s website closely because computers all over the world are trying to hack it several times a day. Stressed business owners have lamented to me about their fears of costly ransomware attacks.

The good news is that it’s not hard to prevent most computer security breaches. If you haven’t already, check out my articles on preventing phishing scams and securing your WordPress website. Anyone can take the necessary precautions to be secure.

But what about ransomware?

Several news stories have revealed that larger companies have paid thousands to recover their information from hackers. Want to know the crucial security measure those companies didn’t take to protect themselves? They didn’t back up their important data to a server that’s not connected to their company network. It’s that simple. By keeping their data on computers that are connected to every other computer in the company, one small security breach allowed hackers to find that backup server in the company network and take the information hostage.

If you want to avoid a ransomware attack, back up your important information on a computer in a secure location and then disconnect that machine from your network. Hackers won’t be able to access it.

What cyber security issues are you concerned about?

I want to hear your experiences so I can help you and other small businesses feel confident about the safety of your data. Leave a comment below!

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