Millennials on devices A customer of mine, a financial counselor, helps young people learn how to manage their money and build wealth. Problem is, many young people don’t know they need financial education. So how can a financial counselor reach that audience and offer them services that will make their lives better?

With a survey.

Using an online survey tool like SurveyGizmo, my customer can ask his potential clients general questions about their financial health. That information can help him design classes and materials that will address their most pressing money problems. Plus, having their contact info allows him to build a mailing list he can use to send them useful info occasionally.

But if his potential customers don’t know they need his help, how can he get their attention? With targeted Facebook and Instagram ads that promote his survey. There are a few things to keep in mind when reaching a younger audience:

Millennial on the beach with a device Visuals matter. Because younger generations are highly visually oriented, great photos and videos are a requirement for effective online ads.

Use a headline that entices them. If you want them to take a survey, hook them with a great headline and tell them how long the survey will take to complete. Consider offering them a perk if they complete the survey, like entering them into a drawing for a gift card.

Keep it short. Don’t use a lot of ad copy, and if you’re directing them to a survey, keep the survey brief – like 5 questions or less. And always keep their interests and lifestyles in mind when you’re addressing them. Want to know more about today’s young people? Check out Goldman Sachs’ report on Millennials.

Talk to the hand Don’t inundate. If you try to get young people’s attention too often, they’ll get annoyed and unsubscribe from your messages. Remember this is the LOL generation – less is more when connecting with them.

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