>> Download zip file of California license plate script

If you’ve been to California in the last 20 years you’re familiar with the license plate pictured above. The iconic California script is very similar to the Rage Italic font but with some slight variations. I recreated the license plate script in a vector format using Illustrator, which you can download and use for your own projects.

>> Download zip file of California license plate script

You’re welcome to use this image in your own personal, commercial, or nonprofit work and you may edit it any way you like. Please stick with these guidelines if you find this file useful:

  • Don’t host the vector file on your own site – create a link from your site to this page so people can download it directly.
  • Don’t resell the image. Let’s keep it free.
  • If you use the image, come back to this page and post a comment about how and where you used it.
  • I provide no warranty or technical support for this file.

Have fun with it!

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