Do you get a lot of junk email through your website’s contact form? Most of those messages are generated by bots that find contact forms on the web and hit them repeatedly with messages. They’re annoying and they can fill up your inbox fast.

Old Recaptcha form Good news – Google has a solution. You may remember the old Recaptcha boxes on contact forms that asked you to type weird-looking words or click on a selection of photos with cars in them to prove that you’re human. Now Google has developed a new and improved Recaptcha that not only looks more sophisticated, it uses artificial intelligence to protect your site from spam.

New Recaptcha form on laptop Now users can simply click the checkbox next to “I’m not a robot” to verify their humanity. No more trying to figure out curving words or photos of various objects. But even better, Recaptcha also offers an “invisible” version that detects in the background whether a user is a human or a bot, eliminating the need for the user to check the box before sending their message. And in Google’s quest to end spam, they designed it so each time Recaptcha identifies humans and bots, it gets smarter and reduces spam messages on every site that uses Recaptcha.

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