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Got wi-fi?

If your business offers free wi-fi for your customers, are you using it to grow your business? If not, you’re missing a big opportunity. Your wi-fi should be making you money!

Get your customers’ email addresses or mobile numbers when they log in to your wi-fi.

Your customer wi-fi login can require users to submit their email addresses or mobile phone numbers when they use your wi-fi. You can stay in touch with those customers and send them emails or texts about special events, offers, or news. Do you participate in “Best of” competitions? Use your customers’ contact info to remind them to vote for your business. You can even let your customers log in using their Facebook accounts, which gives you the opportunity to target them with Facebook ads later.

Make it easy for your customers to share your business on social media.

Wi-fi login screen On your customer wi-fi login screen, offer a promotional tweet and Facebook check-in that your customers can instantly post. They can share one of their favorite businesses on social media and you get free advertising! It’s also a great time to ask your customers to “Like” your Facebook page so they continue to get updates about your business.

Learn how your customers use your wi-fi.

Your wi-fi provider offers analytics that show you where your customers go on the web. Do they like to shop online while they’re visiting your business? Or do they prefer to catch up on social media? You can use this information to develop new products and promotions. If a large number of your customers are on Facebook while using your wi-fi, you may want to look into running Facebook ads targeted to your local area.

Some other tips for your customer wi-fi…

Cafe patrons You can limit your customers’ access to your wi-fi if necessary. If you’re concerned that some customers may use your wi-fi for long periods of time or slow it down with big downloads, you may want to limit your free wi-fi to one hour per customer and specific download speeds.

Your business can also get free wi-fi through providers that serve ads to your customers, although I think it’s worth it to purchase wi-fi for your customers so you have more control over their experiences with your business. If you use these ideas for your customer wi-fi, it will easily pay for itself!

Need help making your customer wi-fi grow your business? Send me a message and we’ll turn your wi-fi into a marketing machine!

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