As a contractor for Kepha Resources I designed logos, websites, and marketing materials for more than 30 Christian organizations across the country. My specialty is understanding the importance of faith and helping each church identify what works best for them.




Keepsake Brochure
Deermeadows Baptist Church needed a “keepsake brochure” accompanied by a DVD that highlighted the main points of the church’s fund raising campaign: To build an engaging and inspiring new church complex that played an important role in the community. Click on the image above to view the brochure as a JPG.


This brochure helped raise funds to add to and improve Sugar Grove Christian School’s buildings. It had to be informative and engaging but include fun handwritten fonts and energetic designs. Click on the image to view the brochure in PDF format.


Logo & newsletters
Hopewell Baptist Church asked me to design them a logo for their capital campaign that incorporated one of their favorite structural elements in the church building, the arched windows. And they wanted the campaign to have bright but soothing colors that inspired and united the congregation. Click on the image above to view the first page of one of the newsletters I designed for them.


Logo & marketing materials
First Methodist is located on the coast in Florida so they requested that their capital campaign logo feature images of the ocean. They had a large amount of debt they had to pay off, but getting rid of debt isn’t a fun thing to sell to a congregation. They wanted their logo and marketing materials to be inspiring and to communicate clearly how free the church members would feel after they paid off the church’s debts. Click on the image to view the first page of one of the newsletters I designed for them.

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